The best Male Masturbator of 2023 ( My honest review of the Fleshy Pro )

This is the best Blowjob Machine in the world!

I’ve been a fan of Fleshy products for a few years now. I’ve tried about 15 automatic male masturbators with motors, and the Fleshy Pro™ is by far my favorite.

With the Fleshy Pro™, I can just sit back and relax – literally do nothing – and get a blowjob whenever and wherever I felt like it. I didn’t have to shift my hand back and forth, I just stuck the machine over my dong and it went wild – just working away on that shaft until my body fluids were all over the place. I literally didn’t have to do ANYTHING.

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And unlike other automatic blowjob machines, the Fleshy Pro™ adds a vacuum feature (many other toys have vibration and some also have thrusting these days). The vacuum feature is what really makes it feel like sex or a blowjob. If you’ve ever tried a stroker and didn’t think it felt realistic, it was probably due to the toy lacking good vacuum functionality. (The temperature of the sleeve is a factor too, but you can heat it up either by soaking it in hot water or using a USB heating rod.)

When the Fleshy Pro™ finishes getting you off, it doesn’t say ‘my turn now!’ – which I have to admit is f-in’ brilliant. I mean I get it – sex with a partner is amazing, and I don’t mind giving oral sex, but sometimes I just want it to be all about me! And this male masturbator always delivered on this! The Fleshy Pro™ is also a very recently released product, which means it has the latest technology and features. It’s really cutting-edge.

That’s all good, but does it actually feel like a real blowjob?

I’m not gonna lie. There’s nothing that tops a super hot chick (with no strings attached) who’s down there going to town on my dong like it’s her last supper. However, the number of times that has happened I can count on one hand. Or even half a hand (if I’m being generous). So that being said, the Fleshy Pro™ is a pretty close second.

The material of the sleeve is made out of RealSkin, an incredible skin-like material that feels absolutely amazing – especially once it’s all lubed up. And then the adjustable grip and pull system on the other side of the sleeve is incredible. It’s so tight, and strokes your entire penis at once really mimicking the feeling of a good deep-throat blowjob – or even sex for that matter. Depending on what fantasy I’ve got going in my head, or what porn I’m watching, I can imagine it being either. And the best part? It’s fully automatic! So you literally just stick the device on your hard penis and let it go to work! You change the speeds as you wish, but otherwise it does all the work for you, leaving your hands free to roam to other places. Play with your balls, pinch your nipples, play video games or scroll for porn – seriously – this automatic male masturbator allows you so much freedom! (and fun!)

One of the great things about hands-free male masturbators is that I can edge myself into a really intense orgasm (and learn to last longer when I make it into bed with a real hottie, too.) What I do is I pause the machine when I’m right about to finish, and wait a bit. Then I resume once I’ve calmed down. When I finally do let myself finish, I use the powerful suction feature, which feels like a girl that just won’t let you out because she wants you to finish insider of her so badly. By edging in this way I’ve been able to improve my performance (how long I last) in real sex.

So all in all, if you’re looking for a real feel-good masturbator for men, and automation is something that you’re interested in, this is my top choice. It feels amazing, and it’s super easy to clean. You’ll have a hard time finding another toy with such a realistic vacuum sensation that also strokes your penis and vibrates your frenulum — all hands-free!

Want to see it in action? Watch my very own video review of the Fleshy Pro™ here

Please excuse the lame intro; I’m not great at video editing! Below the video player I have listed the features this video covers!

Covered in this Video

✅   How to use it
✅   The incredible Suction feature
✅   The vibration feature
✅   The tugging feature
✅   How to combine the 3 features to have bone-trembling mangasms

Getting the most out of your Fleshy Pro™ experience

Use lubrication. You don’t wanna screw a chick who’s dry as the Sahara so why would you want to do it to anything else? Make sure you get a good quality, water-based lubricant so you can slip and slide easily inside. Not only will it save you some chafing on your manhood, but it’s going to feel real, real good.

Play around with positions and settings. Be creative. It’s not every day you get to call all the shots when it comes to getting your penis sucked, so take advantage of it! Try different positions. Play around with the speed settings, and see what really gets you off!

Use visual stimulation. This is key for me. The male masturbators can feel as tight or as wet as they want, but until I throw on a little porn to watch while in the act I feel like sometimes they take too long to make me reach orgasm. But when I’m watching my favorite porn stars get rammed it makes the entire experience so much more enjoyable.

By the way, Fleshy products don’t ship with anything that identifies the product on the label. The packaging is totally discreet. Your mailman won’t know.

Go watch my full video review!


✅   Hands free blowjob toy
✅   Heavy duty motor
✅   Interchangeable sleeves
✅   Body-safe materials
✅   USB charging (no batteries)
✅   100(!) modes by a combination of vibration and suction modes
✅   Very soft silicone


❌  Unnecessary headphones in the box that you will never use or it could be better
❌  No socket plug charger. There is only USB charger

Okay thanks for reading and watching! That sums up my review of the Fleshy Pro™. It’s definitely my #1 choice of all the masturbators on the market.

Verdict: The Fleshy Pro™ is not going to stay at this absurdly low price for long. I guarantee you this. Bookmark and check again in 4 months. If the prices haven’t gone up I’ll eat my own penis on camera.

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